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Welcome Beautiful radiant spirit! Are you taking good care of yourself?  Upgrade your identity to match your destiny.  We are here to help.                  

Does your skin feel healthy? Do you feel as attractive as you would like to, to yourself and others? Even though you use a moisturizer, are you troubled by stressed skin?


Daisy BEFORE EcoBotanica Rose Creme

Daisy AFTER EcoBotanica Rose Creme



Dr. Dharma, MD, New York Times bestselling author, says: 

“Eco Botanica - the only skin care line I recommend.  You will look so beautiful.”


Experience deep moisture, softened fine lines, firmer skin with good tone and vitality. Feel radiant, attractive, be at your best.

Lovingly made for you with sacred Yogi chants to balance the Universal Elements.  Ayurvedic tradition tells us this makes the plant substances recognizable to the body and more easily utilized.

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung 

Everything is Consciousness