VATA cold and dry                                     PITTA hot and wet                                                   KAPHA cool and moist

When purified, the Doshas become

PRANA                                                                         TEJAS                                                                                   OJAS        

LIFE                                                                              LIGHT                                                                                   LOVE             

Characteristics of the Doshas

ether and air                                                              fire and water                                             water and earth                         

catabolism                                                                   metabolism                                                 anabolism

breath, nerves                                                             digestion                                                     builds tissues of body

communication                                                           assimilation, transformation                       synthesis

Doshas are increased by

high desert climate                                                      tropical climate                                           cool seashore, verdant 


mature years                                                                teen through middle age                             childhood 

What does it mean that our products are "ayurvedic"? This:  that we look at the beauty and abundance of the natural world from an ayurvedic perspective.  
We prefer ingredients that are very lightly processed.  We do no seek out  "chemically improved - modern chemistry for better living" ingredients. Too much processing creates Vata imbalance in the body and therefore the skin.  Vata has a purpose, but beyond that - since it is composed of ether - space - and air, it is drying, cold, dispersing, and dis-organizing.  It disrupts the warmth and moisture impulses of the body and the structural wisdom of the body.  Computers, cell phones, TVs, microwaves, and the fast-modern lifestyle with its loss of connection to nature are already Vata disrupting.  
Our ingredients are mostly organic and are collected from mechanically cold-pressed seed oils, hydro-distilled essential oils, simple extracts of herbs, plant substances, and earth sourced minerals, combined while blending the ingredients and chanting.  Our emulsifiers are naturally occurring plant and vegetable compounds.  Our preservatives are plant based, and this was the most challenging part of creating the formulations. Most health food store products contain at least phenoxyethanol which has been associated with central nervous system damage in larger amounts.  Those products also often contain parabens, which have been found to be harmful, and EDTA, which also can create problems.  
Eco Botanica® doesn't use highly processed ingredients because we want to protect your Vata and the Vata of our environment, the Earth.
Eco Botanica® supports your Pitta to do its job of transformation, without inflammation.
Eco Botanica® supports your Kapha to be strong and to support you, without being congested and slow.                              


We will be offering our dosha consttituional quiz soon. A quick check in - is your experience more Vata? cool, spacy, dispersing, changeable?  Or Pitta, hot, fast, bringing transformation, irritable and critical? Or Kapha, slow, steady, even stagnant, retaining water, depressed at times, yet bringing stability and love?

One of the herbal combinations that we take daily is Triphala.  We put 1/2 teaspoon in hot water and let it sit through the day, and then drink in the evening, at least 1 hour after dinner.  Triphala tones the digestive tract and helps relieve an excess of any of the doshas.  We have found that Triphala really helps with malabsorption problems.  You will benefit more from the foods you eat by including Triphala in your daily routine.  Triphala strengthens the elimination system so you are cleansing your body more thoroughly on an ongoing basis.

You may prefer to take the Triphala tablets, shown above, or the Triphala liquid extract, also available at Banyan Botanicals.  

Some of the other herbs we use often are: Turmeric, Ashwaganda, Guggulu, Guduchi, Shatavari, and Tulsi.  We cook with lots of fresh ginger and use Cumin, Coriander, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Cloves and Black Pepper.  We adjust the herbs we use seasonally. Be sure the herbs you buy are organic.  We also love tea with Tulsi and Rose Petals.

We love to eat lots of organic greens such as kale and mustard greens.  We often have mung dahl and rice with greens.  Yum.

We formulate our products from an ayurvedic viewpoint, keeping in mind the energetics of the substances we use.  Each plant substance brings its own gifts.  Some are more Vata, with cooling and dispersing energies.  Others are Pitta - warming and transforming.  Kapha energies are cooling and calming.  As you learn more about your own body/mind/spirit balance you can make more informed choices.