Eco Botanica Rose Crème Ingredients:

  • Chosen with the utmost care. 
  • Our intention is to support your healing process while respecting the precious plants and flowers that share their gifts with us. 
  • Our ingredients are organic and combined while chanting mantras to awaken the healing power of the precious plant substances. 
Creams have been found to be more moisturizing to the skin than oils alone, as noted in many studies. 

Rose Crème is very nurturing creating the experience of healthy skin, relieving the craving for deep moisture, reducing dryness, roughness, and redness and giving you the experience of increased smoothness and firmness with a more pleasing skin contour.

We use cold distilled rose essential oil from the Kulu Valley in the Himalayan Foothills.  This oil contains subtle notes that are not present in regular steam distilled rose oil.  Feel the subtle uplifting and magical aroma that calms and restores peace in the psyche.

Traditionally distilled for centuries there, it contains vertical notes that are not present in other Rose essential oils.  These notes are reputed to connect you to your higher spiritual centers above the crown chakra.  This can support you to allow your own soul guidance be more available to you.  These are ancient traditional uses. Most find the experience delightful, calming and reassuring.  The words to describe it would be your own. 

You receive the equivalent of two full Rose blossoms in each application of Rose Crème.  Rose Essential oil has been used for centuries to take care of and refine delicate sensitive complexions.

More Botanicals to give you the experience of healthier skin

Gotu Kola

The botanical power of Rose Crème includes the well know known tissue supporting capacity of Gotu Kola herb.  Gotu Kola has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic healing internally and as a vulnerary applied topically to help restore wounded skin and strengthen connective tissue.  Studies show the dramatic power of Gotu Kola to support growth of healthy new skin tissue when applied topically.


Marshmallow - the root is used

Synergistically, Marshmallow Root works with Gotu Kola to bring moisture and lunar energy.  These herbs both can be used internally, to soothe irritated membranes. The skin and inner lining of the digestive system are biologically related.

Pomegranate oil brings rare punicic acid, an omega 5 oil.  Punicic acid has been shown to protect collagen fibers, accelerating wound healing and reducing the appearance of scars. The anti-inflammatory property of punicic acid has also effectively addressed skincare ailments that produce red and rough skin.


Rosehip oil is a stand alone treatment for the skin, being very similar to the natural oils the skin produces.  Rosehip oil is rich in anti oxidants including vitamin C, known to encourage collagen production and increase skin elasticity.  Rosehip oil encourages skin regeneration and wound healing.

Raspberry oil brings a high level of omega 3 essential fatty acids, missing in most diets, and powerful in their anti inflammatory power.  Raspberry oil softens the skin, and is used to reduce irritation, redness, itching and swelling.

Our sensitive oils are added to the cream below 35 degrees centigrade, to maintain their potency. They are at that temperature briefly and brought down quickly.  Creams are usually blended at 70 - 75 degrees centigrade.  The use of a mechanical high shear mixer blends the oils in without undue heat.   The essential oils are added below 21 degrees Celsius.  

Other powerful synergistic ingredients include Shea, aloe, jojoba oil, and vitamin C as ascorbyl palmitate and natural vitamin E.  These are all in the Rose Crème to provide your skin with the elements needed to support healthy skin.

Our products are empowered with the vibration of the healing chant 

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung, for the benefit of our customers.


Ra is the energy of the Sun: strong, bright and hot. It energizes and purifies.

Ma is the energy of the moon: receptive, cool, and nurturing.

Da is the energy of Earth: secure and personal. It is the ground of action.

Sa is the impersonal Infinity. The cosmos in all of its dimensions, openness, expansiveness and totality is Sa.

Say is the totality of experience and is personal. It is the feeling of a sacred "Thou." It is the embodiment of Sa.

So is the personal sense of merger and identity.

This mantra is a Sushmuna Mantra. It has eight sounds that stimulate the kundalini to flow in the central channel of the spine and the chakras, accompanied by metabolic adjustment to the new level of energy in the body. It also balances the five zones of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to activate the Neutral Mind.

The first part of the mantra is ascending and expands into the Infinite. The second part of the mantra pivots those qualities of the highest and most subtle ether, and brings them back down. It interweaves the ether with the earth.